Understanding Architecture | Local School Book Donations

27 August 2019

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers on the Isle of Wight are proud to say that over the past year, Lindsay has been writing her first book Understanding Architecture. The book features many architectural styles from the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico to New York’s Chrysler Building; but it is a beginners guide to the history and development of architectural styles from all around the world. The Young Designers Award 2019 was incredibly inspiring this year with children of all ages designing creative solutions to a new railway line on the Isle of Wight. So, with this in mind, we will be donating the first few, signed copies of Understanding Architecture to each of the schools that participated. We hope that not only will this inspire the children that currently attend the schools to engage in the built environment, but to also encourage family and friends to talk about how we…(more)


Island Life Magazine August Issue | Mattinson Associates

30 July 2019

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers based on the Isle of Wight will soon release their second feature column in Island Life Magazine! Several months ago, Mattinson Associates were enrolled to shine a light on alternative topics within the property industry. With conversations on how to get your garden ready for the summer, to how to keep your neighbours on side during the planning process; this months issue discusses understanding the importance of our built environment on the Isle of Wight. In seaside towns like Sandown and Ventnor, the situation has now reached a crisis point. Dilapidated buildings are being left beyond repair sparking concerns not only for locals but potential investors and tourists also. Have a read through our article this month to see how you can help and please do send us feedback on what you would like to hear. To see more Island Life, follow this link and…(more)


Chamber of Commerce Business Expo | Helping the Built Environment Bloom

20 July 2019

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers recently took part in the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Expo where they focused on being more sustainable and improving the built environment. In recent years, there seems to be an increased moral understanding of what you should be doing to protect the environment. But of course there is still more that we can all do. Whether it’s reducing the amount of plastic we use in our office or creating a master plan development of sustainable housing, at Mattinson Associates, we are constantly striving to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Marketing events are no different to this. So, this year at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, our promotional material included pouches of meadow seeds in recyclable paper in the hope to encourage the public to plant mini meadows…(more)


The Young Designers Awards 2019 | The Results

14 June 2019

A big thank you to all the children that entered this years Young Designers Award. The judges were overwhelmed by the imagination and creativity displayed in the designs – with ideas ranging from a Viking boat to a no gravity zone space experience. It was a difficult task to choose winners out of so many fantastic entries, but after much deliberation they reached agreement. The winning entries this year in each age category are as follows: 5-6 year old category First Place Award: Sophie Khurt – Age 5 – Fiveways – Rainbow Party Train Second Place Award: Matthew Hughes – Age 5 – Fiveways – Train United 7 year old category First Place Award: George Pim – Age 7 – Fiveways – Owlient Express Second Place Award: Emma Ross – Age 7 – Ryde Junior – A Nap Carriage Third Place Award: George Oglander – Age 7 – Ryde Junior…(more)


The Young Designers Award 2019 | Our Sponsors

11 June 2019

The sponsorship bags for tomorrow’s Young Designers Awards Ceremony are well underway, we look forward to seeing you all there! We would like now like to take this opportunity to mention all these local businesses that have very kindly sponsored this years awards ceremony and thank them for knowing how important championing grass roots creative thinking is. So here is a little information about our exciting sponsors of The Young Designers Award 2019! Beardsalls is a premier local supplier of Business Stationery, Art Materials and Greetings Cards. In addition to its retail business, Beardsalls provides professional printing services and supplies the island business community with over 20,000 lines of commercial stationery & office supplies with a daily island wide delivery service. Aria Resorts is the fastest growing UK holiday company. It’s already the 5th largest operator in its sector. There are currently 14 resorts across the UK, including the IOW, with…(more)


Island Life Magazine June Issue | Mattinson Associates

30 May 2019

Mattinson Associates Architects and Interior Designers based on the Isle of Wight will be releasing their Island Life feature column next week! Outdoor space is a high priority for new home buyers on the Isle of Wight, with owners increasingly wanting to immerse themselves into their own private oasis. So now that Summer is on the way, our column includes five top tips for designing an outdoor space that is adaptable, and carefully considered for our coastal location. Have a read through our article this month to see how you can redesign your garden to help better our Island.To see more Island Life, follow this link and to see more of us, check out our instagram or portfolio page


The Young Designers Award 2019 | Shortlisted Entries

21 May 2019

After receiving hundreds of models this year based on the exciting brief of designing a train carriage that helps the local community, the judges have revealed the shortlisted entries for this year’s competition. A big thank you to all the students who sent in their incredible models, it made judging really difficult but was very inspiring to see how creative young people on the Island are and also a big thank you to our judges, Coleman cotter, Claire Hector and Celia Wilkinson. Please read below for all the shortlisted entries: 5-6 year old category Matthew Hughes – Age 5 – Fiveways – Train United Sophie Khurt – Age 5 – Fiveways – Rainbow Party Train 7 year old category Edward Jude – Age 7 – Ryde Junior – The Golden Snail Café George Oglander – Age 7 – Ryde Junior – The Waterpark Carriage George Pim – Age 7 –…(more)


The Young Designers Award 2019 | Judging

12 May 2019

Judging this year was carried out by a group of talented and creative locals who all contribute in a unique & creative way to our Island. Our 3 judges were: Celia Wilkinson – A local contemporary Artist – Celia’s paintings are predominantly based on the familiar landscape around Niton. Celia paints from memory which helps her to capture the essence of a time and place rather than just a visual representation. She deconstructs the landscape and pieces it back together, so from a distance it is recognisable but the closer you get the more abstracted it becomes, drawing the viewer in. Claire Hector – Director at Art- Ecology – For those you who don’t know of Art-Ecology – it is a mixed discipline of ecology & art dealing with biological relationships between organisms & the built environment. Claire has come to this from creative beginnings in photo shoot production and…(more)


The Young Designers Award 2019 | Sponsorship

10 April 2019

The Young Designers Award 2019 has begun and we’re looking for sponsors for the event that encourages young people on the island to get creative and design a train carriage that will benefit the local community. The aim of the event is to engage the public in their own built environment, we get children and their parents talking about the buildings that we live work and play in and this year we are also talking about transport, green living and sustainability. For a small sum we can offer exposure to our network of schools, children and parents and make your business part of the conversation. We are considerably underfunded this year and would welcome financial support from businesses that would like to be aligned with young creative minds. If you’d like to join Mattinson Associates with this well-loved event and include your business in this fantastic opportunity, contact to…(more)


Isle of Wight Youth Conference 2019

20 March 2019

It was fantastic to see young people thinking creatively at the 2019 Youth Conference and there was a real sense of excitement about the prospect of a higher education facility on the Isle of Wight in the future. The group that I worked with ranged from students aged thirteen to eighteen and were engaged throughout the whole morning but really came into their own when it came to designing a university campus on the Island. The conference left me confident in the creative abilities of today’s youth but more importantly, the students left inspired and enthusiastic about the world of design. Follow the link below to see more from the event!  


The Young Designers Award 2019 | Brief

11 February 2019

After all the incredible entry’s last year with a huge number of people entering, we are busy organising the Young Designers Award for the seventh time. This year’s brief is based upon a new train carriage to attract more people to use the Island Train Line. The Isle of Wight train has been running since 1864 and originally ran from Ryde to Shanklin. Over the years, the train line has evolved introducing the Ventnor route and Ryde Pier Head Stop. However, despite the public becoming more aware of the environment and an increasing desire to be ‘green’, vehicles are still the most popular mode of transport bar far on the Island – in fact, there has been a 22% decrease in passengers on The Island Line. So, to increase awareness of our historical, wonderful railway line, we’re asking you to design an existing train carriage that benefits the local community.…(more)


10 Years of Wight Architecture | RIBA Architects

10 October 2018

This week, Quay Arts in Newport will be holding a RIBA exhibition where the work of eight architects on the Island will be celebrated. Each company will have their own stand and examples of their work over the past decade since the last 2007 exhibition. With so many amazing examples of architecture on the Isle of Wight, we look forward to showing off our work and meeting everyone at the event. So please do come along this Saturday from 2-4pm to meet some of the team, have drinks, nibbles and discuss all things design!  


The Young Designers Award 2018 | Regeneration Exhibition

18 July 2018

The shortlisted entries from this year’s Young Designers Awards are now being showcased in Newport alongside work from the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture and Isle of Wight Youth Conference. Please support this well-loved event by popping by at No.30 High Street from the 20th – 30th July. If you would like more information, please follow the link below:  


The Young Designers Award 2018 | Awards Evening

19 May 2018

All the entries were very popular this year but a big well done to Taylor Millard, of the Island Free School, who won this years public vote and is the overall winner of the Young Designers Award 2018! Congratulations and we are thrilled to start working with local Architects for the next stage of the competition.


The Young Designers Award 2018 | Shortlisted Entries

23 March 2018

The shortlisted entries for this year’s competition are as follows: 5-6 year old category Mary Willetts – Age 6 Fiveways – Colours Prudence Provis – Age 6 – Fiveways – Rainbow Waterfall Bridge Sasha Ball – Age 6 – Fiveways – Glitter Elevator George Pim – Age 6 – Fiveways – Track-o-whaker Jasmine Wheeler – Age 6 Fiveways – Fisshy 7-8 year old category Charles Bates – Age 7 – Ryde Junior School – Charles Grand Bridge Freddie Stott – Age 8 – Ryde Junior School – Balloon Lift James Travers- Garrety – Age 7 – Godshill Primary school – See Saw Song Bridge Tallulah Atkinson – Age 8 – Ryde Junior School – Bunny Bridge Austin Savage – Age 7 – Ryde Junior School – Medina Snake Harris Middleton Leal – Age 8 – Ryde Junior School – Curly Wurly Bridge 9 year old category Daisy Evans – Age…(more)


The Young Designers Award 2018 | Brief

30 November 2017

We are calling on young people across the Island to think of a new way of crossing over the River Medina. Newport Quay sits at the heart of the Isle of Wight and over the next few years it is going to become a busy and vibrant promenade. The river will be lined with new restaurants, bars, places to stay, music venues and student accommodation. All of this new life will mean more and more people will be using the river and they will want to visit all of the new exciting spaces. The problem is that there will be no way to get from one side to the other! We need a new way of crossing over! We don’t mind how you do it – your new link could be for anyone; pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trains, dogs or mice. It can be made from spider’s webs or cast iron,…(more)


RIBA Isle of Wight – Young Designers Awards 2017

26 May 2017

For the fifth year, we have organised the Young Designers Award competition on the island. This year’s brief focused on creating a new design and access solution for Shanklin Cliff Lift. We had numerous entries this year and we saw a range of models from a fabulous fish entry made out of paper mache to a Bug theme. This year, we focused particularly hard on providing constant inspiration on the social media in order to keep the youngsters engaged and focused whilst providing a better level of understanding of the reasons behind why we do this competition every year. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and we will be letting you all know mid-September about the brief for the Young Designers Awards 2018!


RIBA Isle of Wight – Young Designers Award 2016

25 May 2016

For the fourth year we have organised the Young Designers Award competition on the island. This years brief focused on creating a new use for the dilapidated pier in Totland. The response this year was amazing – with entries ranging from petting zoos to planetariums and gymnasiums to a navy base. This year saw the re-branding of the Young Designers Award and the launch of the new website – This increased awareness created a real buzz around the competition and many schools took part, submitting a total of 400 entries – making it very difficult for the judges!


RIBA Isle of Wight – Young Designers Award 2015

18 June 2015

For the third year the Young Designer’s Competition has been organised to engage young people in what is around them, to help them start to formulate opinions on it, and begin to understand what it is that makes good architecture and happy, safe and comfortable places for people to live, work and play in. As there is a huge array of outdoor activities on the Island, we asked the young designers to design a new mobile shop – they needed to give it a name, write a sentence describing it and then produce a drawing and 3D model of their idea. The response was incredible, with entries increasing from 67 in the first year to nearly 400 this year. There were so many exceptional entries that we also had 28 special mentions in addition to the winners. The winners took part in a creative workshop with Hannah George – who…(more)


RIBA Isle of Wight – Young Designers Award 2014

18 June 2014

For the second year running we have organised the Young Designer’s Competition, highlighting the importance of good architecture in our everyday lives. Architecture, the built environment and an understanding of ‘place’ should be learnt at a young age in order that an appreciation of the built environment becomes part of our everyday lives and we all strive to better it. We asked 5 to 18 year olds across the Island to design a new and exciting use for the No Man’s Land Fort in the Solent. The youngsters had to decide on their design, give it a name and write two sentences describing it. They were also asked to prepare an A4 square visual description in any graphic format – including models, collages and drawings etc. The entries were so impressive that additional commendations were awarded and the winners in each category were awarded with the prize of an escorted…(more)