Woodland House


Client / Owner | Withheld at Owners’ Request

Team Members | Mattinson Associates Ltd.

Project Type | New Construction

Building Type | Single Family Residence

Building Size | TBC

Location | Isle of Wight, UK

Status | Current



This project is a bespoke new build home in a wooded coastal location on the Isle of Wight. The design caters for particular sensitivity of its surroundings, being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The clients asked us to create a building that was iconic yet timeless and would sit seamlessly in the surrounding landscape. Our design utilised a simple palette of natural traditional materials, timber cladding, stonework and glass, which helped maintain an enduring appeal but used contemporary form and detailing to make the building relevant today. Designed to be light on the earth to avoid tree roots and to celebrate the surrounding oak trees, a cantilever deck and a butterfly roof is the focal point of this build. The interiors link cohesively with the outside and the woodland becomes an integral part of every aspect of the house.