The Young Designers Award 2019 | Judging

May 12th, 2019 | Community Projects | 0 Comments

Judging this year was carried out by a group of talented and creative locals who all contribute in a unique & creative way to our Island. Our 3 judges were:

Celia Wilkinson – A local contemporary Artist – Celia’s paintings are predominantly based on the familiar landscape around Niton. Celia paints from memory which helps her to capture the essence of a time and place rather than just a visual representation. She deconstructs the landscape and pieces it back together, so from a distance it is recognisable but the closer you get the more abstracted it becomes, drawing the viewer in.
Claire Hector – Director at Art- Ecology – For those you who don’t know of Art-Ecology – it is a mixed discipline of ecology & art dealing with biological relationships between organisms & the built environment. Claire has come to this from creative beginnings in photo shoot production and location research for magazines like Q and Elle Decoration.

Coleman Cotter – Local RIBA Chartered Architect – Coleman is an award-winning Architect & qualified Architectural Technician with a strong and diverse architectural portfolio. Colman has been a judge for the young designer’s competition from its inception and continues to support the event.

All entries were split into their age categories and those that caught the eye of the judges, looked interesting and broadly met the brief were separated out. The judges then deliberated over the concept idea, the description of the entry, the relating drawings & execution into a 3D model. Each entry was assessed & extensively debated against other shortlisted entries. From this the judges then decided on medal places for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & commendations.

The judges’ decisions are independent with no conflict of interest, final and non-bias. The YDA 2019 Shortlist will be announced soon.