Choosing an Architect

Jul 7th, 2019 | Blog | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates Architects and Interior Designers on the Isle of Wight have put together our top tips for choosing an Architect.

No matter how difficult the scheme or project, Architects are problem solvers that use a combination of imagination, artistic expression and practical studies to create a home bespoke to the client. Take a look at our portfolio to see our previous works So, with this in mind and with many Architects in Britain let alone across the globe, how do you whittle it down and find the right Architect for you?

Understanding the value of an Architect:

Without overwhelming anyone of heightening the pressure and excitement of remodelling your home, the value of an Architect is paramount to understand before you commit yourself to signing those fees off. It is important to understand the monetary value an Architect can bring to your home. By designing a holistic scheme and space that grows with you throughout your life, the value will naturally increase.

Architects can also increase the emotional value of your home and your quality of life by understanding the way you live and by streamlining the house to work with you not against you. We all have problems with our homes that we just live with – like the narrow corridor you must squeeze through with the children’s sports gear or the fold out bureau flooding with paperwork known as ‘the office’. With such an emotional attachment to our homes its vital to let the Architect peek into your day to day lives in order to design you the most efficient house for your lifestyle.

To see more about what being RIBA chartered means, follow this link

Listen to the Word of Mouth:

If you walk past a house and get major house envy, chances are an Architect designed it, so ask! Find out the Architects’ details and contact them as nothing will sell a space more than being in it.

One of the best ways to choose an Architect is to speak to a previous client. Ask them as many questions as you can think of because whether they had a good or bad experience chances are, they will share it. Testimonials are a great way to understand how the client felt at the end of a build. However, they also fail to tell how clients felt during the build process; so be sure to ask questions about all stages of the project if you do meet a previous client.

Go & Visit:

On the same note, there is a real advantage to going to see the work a designer completed. In London, once a year there is an open house where you can go and visit hundreds of homes. If you do get the chance to visit an Architect’s work, pay attention to the details. Ask yourself about the materials, spaces created and architectural styles? But remember, all homes are designed bespoke for that client so keep an open mind.

We hope this helps your decision making when choosing an Architect but is there is something you believe Mattinson Associates could help you with, please do contact us by email or phone.