Island Life Magazine August Issue | Mattinson Associates

Jul 30th, 2019 | Community Projects | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers based on the Isle of Wight will soon release their second feature column in Island Life Magazine!

Several months ago, Mattinson Associates were enrolled to shine a light on alternative topics within the property industry. With conversations on how to get your garden ready for the summer, to how to keep your neighbours on side during the planning process; this months issue discusses understanding the importance of our built environment on the Isle of Wight. In seaside towns like Sandown and Ventnor, the situation has now reached a crisis point. Dilapidated buildings are being left beyond repair sparking concerns not only for locals but potential investors and tourists also.

Have a read through our article this month to see how you can help and please do send us feedback on what you would like to hear. To see more Island Life, follow this link and to see more of us, check out our instagram or portfolio page