Understanding Architecture | Local School Book Donations

Aug 27th, 2019 | Community Projects | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers on the Isle of Wight are proud to say that over the past year, Lindsay has been writing her first book Understanding Architecture. The book features many architectural styles from the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico to New York’s Chrysler Building; but it is a beginners guide to the history and development of architectural styles from all around the world.

The Young Designers Award 2019 was incredibly inspiring this year with children of all ages designing creative solutions to a new railway line on the Isle of Wight. So, with this in mind, we will be donating the first few, signed copies of Understanding Architecture to each of the schools that participated. We hope that not only will this inspire the children that currently attend the schools to engage in the built environment, but to also encourage family and friends to talk about how we could improve our community with better places and spaces.

To purchase the book, follow this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Understanding-Architecture-Lindsay-Mattinson/dp/1782747486 or to order a signed copy through ourselves, contact us here: https://www.mattinsonassociates.com/contact/