The Natural History Museum Palette | Farrow & Ball

Oct 1st, 2019 | Blog | 0 Comments

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Collaborating with The Natural History Museum, Farrow & Ball have released a new range inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours. During the 19th Century, this was the principal, standardised guide to colour and was the main classification for artists, scientists, naturalists, and anthropologists. As technology was not advanced enough to show the exact hue, the book provided handwritten details describing where the specific colour could be found on an animal, plant or mineral. Skimmed Milk White is one of our favourites created from the white of a Human Eyeball, the back of a petal of a Blue Hepatica and a common opal.

As an addition to the already extensive colour palette, Farrow and Ball have introduced the 16 tones that take inspiration from Werner’s methodology by using the same level of precision that was used to identify and classify them. With evocative and thought-provoking names, the new palette has a beautiful range of neutrals and autumnal tones.

Farrow & Ball have undertaken the ethos of The Natural History Museum, with an eco-friendly, low emission paint that preserves our environment. On the same note as this, these naturally derived colours bring the tactility of nature inside our homes by replicating the tones and warmth of our countryside.

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