Working From Home | Recreating Office Calm

Apr 1st, 2020 | Blog | 0 Comments

Styling your office in the correct way for you can make it serene and a much more productive space. Here are Mattinson Associates, Architects & Interiors Designers on the Isle of Wight, five top tips for creating a more relaxing workspace during these unsettling times:

Remove All Clutter.

As the saying goes, tidy space tidy mind” and it’s true! Not only will an untidy desk make you look a little unorganised but it can also cause stress and can make you overwhelmed. Have a look at ways that you can organise your paperwork. Perhaps you need a new filing system or maybe a new desk with additional drawers? HUSK have realised their WFH desk and we’re big fans, find the link here:  Once having a 10 minute tidy and removing any excess clutter, you’ll notice an improvement in your productivity. 


The best offices and studios (including ours) always have cool plants. A touch of green can have a significant impact on stress levels and if us plant enough, it can improve air quality. Shown to reduce stress, improve productivity and have a positive influence on our psychological health maybe it’s time we all became a little greener – literally. Opt for something that requires minimal care like a cactus or if you’re after something a little softer, what about a peace lily? 


Harsh lighting is not only bad for all environments but also the working environment. Poor choice of lighting can cause migraines, disrupted sleep, anxiety and can increase stress. Create an environment that is natural as possible but if you do need artificial light, carefully consider your bulb colour and type of lamp.

White Noise.

Working in a completely silent area can be distracting so adding a little noise can help improve productively. They type of background noise you need will depend on your taste, some might like rainforest sounds and others may like music. Experiment with what works for you and keep it on a low volume in the background. 


Although it doesn’t have to be a literal timer, it’s really important during these challenging moments that we take a break. Whether it’s five minutes every half an hour, or 30 minute workout halfway through the day, it’s really important to take a break for your mental health. Find out what works for you and don’t feel guilty for it!

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