Lockdown Life | The Future of Remodelling Post Lockdown

Aug 24th, 2020 | Blog | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates Architects and Interior Designers based on the Isle of Wight explore how our homes will change post lockdown.

Life is slowly starting to go back to some form of normal, however the majority of the country are still working from home. With sales of homes on the Isle of Wight increasing due to the popular appeal of escaping to the countryside or holidaymakers looking for a more permanent answer to staycationing, our homes are being reimagined more than ever. With this trend in mind, we have predicted how homes might change post lockdown. 

The Rise of Separate Rooms: 

  • Open plan living is a concept that many of our clients (and us) love – that dreamy entertaining space where family and friends can congregate and socialise with endless views out to the garden. However, during lockdown, because our homes have become temporary schools and offices, open plan living lacks the separation that we often need. Now we’re not saying rebuild those walls you knocked down to keep up, but we believe there will be a rise of movable partitions and maybe even half height walls to define an open space with a sense of separation. 


Improved Gardens:

  • During lockdown, most gardening shops stayed open leaving thousands of people to work on their outside areas. To maximise the space of your living room, kitchen and even bedroom, we are seeing a rise of outdoor cooking areas, garden loungers and day beds. Of course to make these spaces truly useable , they include shade, lighting, heating and wifi. The perfect space to destress when working from home! 

Specialised Spaces:

  • We are seeing a rise of spaces designed for specific task based activities. This is more prominent with family homes as parents are now setting up arts and crafts zones, computer spaces and workstations. Often when we are working in our bedroom or living room and are relaxing later that day in the same room, it can leave you unable to “turn off” from work. Try working in a different space if possible and if not, why not try a fold up desk option to get rid of the office vibes. 

Kitchen Makeovers:

  • With restaurants and pubs being closed over lockdown, our kitchens are becoming more high tech with people looking to reinvent restaurant food at home. Think pizza ovens and bread making machines, not only is this creating great food and family time but more importantly, gives you something to do when there isn’t much else going on! We love Vlaze’s enamel kitchen modules that can be transferred from the inside to outside easily. Hand built on the Island, check out their range here https://vlaze.co/product/vlaze-adapt-120/

Unused Space for Workouts:

  • As gyms and exercise classes have been closed for several months now, there is a rise of the at home gym. Not quite as glamorous as you might think, we’re talking an unused corner of a garage with some plastic flooring, a set of weights and a great speaker for your work out playlists. 

We hope you’ve liked our post lockdown predictions but if you think you need some architectural or interior design help at home, call us on 01983 840953 or email enquiries@mattinsonassociates.com