Our Favourite Sustainable Furniture & Accessories | Sustainable Gardens

Aug 28th, 2020 | Blog | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates, Architects and Interior Designers based on the Isle of Wight, have compiled their favourite sustainable garden furniture and accessories to encourage being more eco friendly. 

As we are all trying to become more sustainable at home and with many of us during lockdown working on our gardens, we thought it would be a great time to compile some great sustainable garden accessories for your coastal homes. From savvy plant tech to eco pots, here are our top five sustainable garden essentials! 

Connected gardens

  • We’ve written about connected gardens before but its definitely worth revisiting! Connected Garden’s is an app that helps you plant flowers and trees specific to any location. The app comes with a super sensor that needs placing in the proposed flower bed or tree position, then the sensor then connects to the app and alerts you with the best plants for that particular location based on the amount of sunlight, water, shading etc. Connected Garden’s have shown how easy it is to grow your own garden when you don’t know where to begin and it also shows that those with awkward outdoor spaces, or little plant knowledge, anyone can do so.

Lollygagger Lounge Chairs

  • Made from recycled plastics, the outdoor lounge chair by Lollygagger has a sleek design and unexpected levels of comfort perfect for summertime entertaining. There’s even an integrated bottle opening under the right arm for ultimate relaxation. Easy to clean, Lollygagger have even put together a cleaning essentials kit that includes a brush and cloth made from post consumer and industrial plastic, a plant based cellulose sponge and an all purpose cleaning spray made from biodegradable ingredients. I know you’re thinking it can’t get any better, but it does! As part of the Lollygagger Collection, they will donate 1% of sales to charity.

Copper Gardening Tools

  • This copper gardening tool collection by The Future Kept is perfect for gardening in coastal areas on the island as it is rust free and will age beautifully with a bronze patina. Made by artisan coppersmiths, the tools are hardwearing with a 25 year guarantee and being made with copper, can even help deter slugs and snails. A really neat piece that should be a staple for your potting shed.

Eco Paper Potter

  • This wooden paper potter helps create seedling pots from old newspaper sheets – a great way of saving money and doing your bit for the planet. Once the seedlings are ready, plant the entire pot to avoid root disturbance and the paper will bio-degrade.

Ecopots Sofia Plant Pot

  • Ecopots have been working on some really versatile designs recently and in particular their Sofia range. Available in many different sizes, the little herb pot is so dinky and perfect for your kitchen countertop or windowsill. We love the idea of entertaining at home with guests cutting fresh herbs for their own mojito’s! They are of course made from recycled plastic and their are plenty of options for any kind space.

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