Wellness | The Influence of Colour at Home

Oct 26th, 2020 | Blog | 0 Comments

Mattinson Associates, Architects on the Isle of Wight, explain the influence colour can have on humans within our homes.

In one of our recent blogs, we wrote about how wellbeing and sustainability can be used to improve our commercial environments. However, it was also worth exploring how we can improve on our wellness at home – one way being through the influence of colour. So, to help improve your wellbeing, we have carefully crafted our colour recommendations room by room:


  • A well-considered rich tone can turn your bedroom from a place of sleep to a private oasis. As we are spending more time at home than ever, a peaceful bedroom can enhance spirituality and help you keep a level head with a good nights sleep during unsettling moments. Opt for paints with dreamy qualities that make you happy. It may sound a little cliche, but we are all so different so chose something for your bedroom that soothes your soul. Although, if you’re struggling with where to start, we love darker colours for bedrooms as it creates a more intimate, cosy space with a wonderful cocoon feeling.


  • Typically, people subconsciously opt for hues of blues, greens and whites in bathrooms as it acts as a reflection of the water within the space. Blue and green have real calming properties that can help you relax after a difficult day at work, but play with the tones! If you have a smaller bathroom, a more pigmented blue might act as a pop of colour and bring luxury to the smallest of spaces. Whereas if you’re looking to redecorate a family bathroom, a lighter, more pastel tint will mimic a breath of fresh air.


  • Ever thought that your kitchen could influence the way you eat? Sounds far fetched but it can! Opting for hues of green in an inspiring, fresh kitchen that infers a healthier diet has been proven to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. It is also worth potting a few of your favourite herbs around the kitchen for improved air quality and aromatic purposes – maybe even a small gin garden to pick from when you’re drinking cocktails. Consider your kitchen a place to be healthy and chose paint to reflect that – check out our favourite Graphenstone paint that absorbs CO2.


  • Muted tones will help with concentration levels in an office; however, it is also worth considering the industry you work in when choosing paint. If you’re a creative, yellow and orange are known to spark imagination and inspiration, but if you’re within a more corporate industry, maybe you need a more muted tone that will sharpen your focus like blue. When painting your home office, avoid paints that contain Volatile Organic Compounds as these long term can significantly impact your health and the strong smells can decrease your productivity short term.


Still a little confused as to where to start? We’ll be realising our colour trend prediction for 2021 soon, so keep an eye out!