Client / Owner | Withheld at Owners’ Request
Team Members | Mattinson Associates Ltd.
Project Type | New construction
Building Type | Single Family Residence
Building Size | 220m2
Location | Isle of Wight, UK
Status | Current
A new build dwelling in an urban context for an Engineer and Artist. Here cutting edge contemporary architecture and engineering meet in a creative industrial aesthetic to provide a home worthy of the art that will be hung in it.

“Mattinson Associates has the rare quality of being able to pick out the client’s true wishes from the confusing layers of conversation that make up an initial interview. While they presented a number of alternatives, they produced an outstanding choice that embodies the client’s taste while being entirely appropriate to the building site. Once the preliminary design has been agreed upon, Mattinson Associates works tirelessly with local planners to achieve a solution that is agreeable to all, yet adheres as much as possible to the aesthetics of the original.”