Listed Estate

Client / Owner | Withheld at ‘Owners’ Request
Team Members | Mattinson Associates Ltd., Various Contractors
Project Type | Remodelling and historic re-interpretation of a Listed Building
Building Type | Single Family Residence + Indoor Swimming Pool + Coach House Accommodation + Biomass Plant
Building Size | Undisclosed
Location | Isle of Wight, UK
Status | Under Construction
Photographer | Joel Hayden


The brief was to modernise the way living happened in the Grade II Listed manor house to provide an inside – outside relationship with living accommodation opening up onto the garden and provide outdoor living space that connects the indoor swimming pool to the house. The existing indoor pool building was re-designed to blend in with the existing property and read as part of the complex of listed buildings, however the interior draws the old materials from outside inside, and takes the new contemporary materials from the pool interior out into the landscaping, thus blurring the boundaries between the landscape and interiors. Along with this a beautifully crafted timber biomass plant was designed to fit in coherently with the listed buildings and yet provide a state of the art facility to run the entire estate off of. An old coach house and adjoining cottage were remodelled to become ancillary accommodation for disabled use.

“We commissioned Mattinson Associates/Lindsay Mattinson to help us adapt our listed Jacobean manor house into a family home that worked for us. Lindsay provided an excellent and professional service, offering creative and sympathetic new perspectives on our thinking, as well as ensuring that the planning process was swift and without hitch. The Heritage Statement which she produced was a masterpiece, as well as the plans and line drawings, which really brought the proposed exterior look-and-feel to life.”