Horestone Point

Client / Owner | Withheld at Owners’ Request
Team Members | Mattinson Associates Ltd., D McCallum & Associates Ltd., Challen Building & Renovating Ltd.
Project Type | Remodelling and New Construction
Building Type | Dual Family Residence
Building Size | 336m2
Location | Isle of Wight, UK
Status | Completed
Photographer | Joel Hayden
A really interesting property designed in the late 1920’s by a then well known English Architect & Landscape Architect Oliver Hill. It is set on a beautiful site running all the way down to a secluded private beach, but was in need of modernising, increasing in size and remodelling to accommodate more people and improve the links between outdoor and indoor living. The works to this property have been particularly successful in that the original charm and design aesthetic of the house has not been altered in any manner, whilst answering all aspects of the brief.

“We wanted to alter our family home, which had been used by a lot of the family over the years.
The new alterations had to be done in such a way that it would be in keeping with the original design yet meet our expansion needs.
Mattinson Associates very cleverly came up with an external design that did this and produced a fantastic internal layout for us. They cleverly moved some internal walls and patiently worked things through with us. The result has been excellent.”