Scott Bader

Client / Owner | Scott Bader Company Ltd.
Team Members | dlp, Mattinson Associates Ltd, Price & Myers, AECOM, Rybka Battle
Project Type | New Construction
Building Type | Commercial R&D Facility
Building Size | 800 m2
Location | Wollaston, Northamptonshire
Status | Completed
As phase one of the masterplan designed in collaboration with dlp, the Technical Centre brings modern working practise and new business culture to an old established polymer and resin research & production company. The building sits comfortably on a sensitive site in a conservation area amongst grade II listed buildings, tree preservation orders and sacrosanct views providing a sensitive modern solution to reflect new technology, yet sit harmoniously on site alongside historic stone buildings and landscape features. The new building design uses a palette of modern materials closely integrated with those present in the surrounding environment which both respects and enhances the existing site, whilst representing the technological activities within.