Client / Owner | Withheld at Owners’ Request
Team Members | Mattinson Associates Ltd.
Project Type | New Construction
Building Type | Single Family Residence
Building Size | 295m2
Location | Sussex, UK
Status | On hold
The site sits on the outskirts of a quaint English seaside village set within a conservation area and surrounded by trees. The houses along the street are all painted white or clad in white clapboarding, and typically follow the ‘cottage’or ‘New England’ style architecture. All these houses create an impact on the street scene and development of this particular site in this architectural style was going to be controversial. The client wanted the building to resemble a contemporary boat house. With the heavily wooded aspect to the site we felt we needed to create a new dwelling that would blend into the woodland setting in order to be less noticeable from the street. We designed a cedar clad building with one floor recessed into the ground. Natural ventilation and cooling was designed into the scheme with the use of water features and high level roof glazing. Solar panels and louvers were used for heating and cooling of spaces and views were enhanced by blending the interiors and exterior to form a homogeneous and sustainable living experience.