Sustainability | Wellbeing & Sustainability Within A Commercial Environment


Mattinson Associates, Architects on the Isle of Wight, have written why wellbeing and sustainability are so important in commercial environments. It is estimated that we spend ninety per cent of our time indoors; so, with issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sick Building Syndrome being caused by the spaces we live and work in, it’s important to understand how we can use sustainable, clever design to improve wellbeing within commercial environments. Check out the information below where it explains how, by improving sustainability within your office/retail/commercial space, it can improve wellbeing for clients, colleagues and collaborators. FSC Certified Timber Known to lower the sympathetic nervous system and contribute to decreasing stress, timber is non-toxic and can be an easier way to improve wellbeing quickly. Being breathable, renewable and non-toxic, it can create a healthier working environment. A study by Holzcluster Steiermark in Austria found that when comparing four classrooms,…(more)


Authro: Thomas Dawson